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Blessed are the poor in spirit

31. avgust 2023.

…for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. As well as the kingdom of Earth.


I look at them; they learn one thing – one thing only. And then, they practice, as much as they consider necessary, ‚‚perfect it‚‚ and apply it immediately. So simple. And they are satisfied precisely because of that – because they can immediately apply what they have learned. Well, for God’s sake, they learned. They ,,overcame,, the obstacles and put an end to it. So easy.

And soon after, they are already ready to show themselves to others, to organize a concert, an exhibition, a presentation, to put the titles of writer, artist, expert in front of their name. That’s how they feel – special, talented, capable; ready to bring their talent to light and present it to the world…

And we, conscious and self-aware, know that we know nothing. Because learning is a process; it lasts a lifetime and that’s why we keep learning. But we cannot learn it (and finally perfect it).

At the same time, between these two currents, there are people who wisely say: „Better finished than perfect“. Even if it was finished only in our head (because for those with self-awareness, it is never finished because it is not perfect – perfection does not exist).

And therefore, the application brothers and sisters. Apply, don’t wait for it to become perfect.

No to perfectionism, no to long-term study, but bold application.


A difficult task indeed; to say NO to yourself, to say that it is enough. Start with application and then improve as you go. Just start. Seeing yourself from a different angle – objectively but also with a realistic dose of self-confidence. To tell ourselves that we are enough; that we are useful to someone – someone who is still behind us and taking his first steps; someone who will benefit from our knowledge and experience. Even if it was (in our eyes) unfinished and imperfect.

Because if those with a two-day seminar can do it, so can all of us who carry decades of knowledge and work experience on our backs.

The basic problem with the world is that fools are too confident and the smart are always in a dilemma.

Bertrand Russel

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