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How to write short texts

14. april 2024.

This concise manual is designed to equip you with the skills to craft compelling short texts – precisely the type demanded in today’s fast-paced world. Whether on the web, social media platforms, advertisements, or product descriptions, brevity is key.

You will learn how to write concise but also clear, striking and impactful texts.

The manual is written with the intention of making the writing process easier for you. As a published author, with more than 20 years of experience in writing, translating, editing and proofreading texts and books, I have chosen the shortest and most effective techniques that will speed up and facilitate the process of writing interesting, original and engaging texts. Just as they are in demand today!

How long will it take you to study the manual?

The manual contains 16 pages. As soon as you read the introductory pages, exercises follow and you can immediately start applying the acquired knowledge.

What will you learn with the help of the manual?

You will learn how to write short texts and specifically:

*how to prepare for the writing process

*how to „enter“ the writer’s mindset

*what is the structure of short texts

* how to start writing

*how and why to start a text with a question

* how to include emotions in the text and how twists and turns

*why it is important to always give value to the readers and finally

* there are a lot of practical exercises with the help of which you can immediately start writing.

How much does the manual cost?

The manual is at a special price and costs only 9.99 €.

Let your texts leave an impression on readers and advertise your product or service in the best way!

Because you deserve it!

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