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Last minute sweets

27. decembar 2022.

Fine, elegant, festive

For a last-minute solution, elegantly served creams with winter fruit.


They are prepared quickly and easily, with only 300 ml of cold milk and are available in every well-stocked super market (Lidl). Of course, there are the classic flavors of chocolate and vanilla, as well as exotic southern fruits, ice cream, stracciatella or whipped cream.

All that is required is to pour the contents of the bag into 300 ml of cold milk and whisk firmly (whisk for several minutes). Then pour the cream into tall champagne or wine glasses (mine are plastic, but glass can also be used). Sprinkle with seasonal fruit, grated chocolate, grated orange or lemon, ground or chopped walnuts. If desired and depending on the holiday/occasion, tie a bow around the handle.

Serve and toast with a unique dessert.


Alternatively, instead of glasses, you can use ice cream cones (mine are covered with chocolate). They are bought ready-made – with a flat bottom for easier serving.

If you don’t have cream at hand, you can pour pudding, jelly or ice cream into glasses. Ground walnuts, mixed with some cream or sweet cream, can also be served in a glass – alone or as a base under the cream. For fans of chestnut puree, this can also be a suggestion for the New Year’s table. Nicely served, with or without whipped cream, it is a quick solution.

When the guests arrive at the last minute and when we don’t want to get our kitchen dirty or we simply don’t have the time to turn on the oven, these elegant dishes are a feast for both – the palate and the eyes. After all, psychologists claim that we first „consume“ food with our eyes and only then with our other senses.

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