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Feel good now!

13. decembar 2022.

There is nothing more important than that you feel good!! You just have to give yourself permission to do it & practice it a little bit!! It takes a decision that feeling good means something to you!!

And, not to forget: it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. It’s about enjoying the meantime. Because surely life is about the meantime!!

A couple of directions in which we should go in order to improve our mood and achieve the desired goals:

– Be solution orientated, stop focusing on the problems!! Don’t waste your energy reliving your problems, difficult situations, and bad experiences over and over again. Focus your energy on finding a solution.

– Ask yourself: What can I do in this situation? The human brain loves questions – it’s sure to offer a couple of answers.

– Go with the flow!! At least sometimes – we don’t always have to be right and we don’t always have to resist, complain and resent everything.

– Teach through the clarity of your example!! The words are empty. Actions are what count.

– Fear is an illusion!!! Don’t believe everything you feel.

Love as much as you can!!

– Appreciate as much as you can!!! There is always something to be grateful for!

– Remember, you cannot deactivate a thought by returning to it!!! You can only activate a new one!!! Chose your thoughts wisely!

– Say to yourself in any given situation: I CHOOSE HAPPINESS!!

– Happiness is a choice!! You can simply choose to be happy given any situation!!!

– Say to yourself I can pivot under any & all conditions!!!!!

– Don’t try & manipulate your manifestations!!! Accept calmly what is. It is always easier to rise from a position of calmness than when our emotions are agitated

– Distinguish between the voices of ego & intuition!!!

– Follow your bliss!!!

– The purpose of your life is joy!!!

– Always reach for a thought that brings you relief!!! After all, its only a thought – exactly like the negative one that was bothering you for so long. So, why not chose a better one?

– If you make a mistake, don’t retrace your actions or thoughts to see where you went wrong!! Just find a thought of relief!! And let that thought guide you to the solution.

– All your power is now!! Not in the future, the future doesn’t exist!! When the future gets here it’s the now!! Not in the past, the past doesn’t exist!!

– Your power lies in the now!! Now now now now now now now now now now!!! It’s always in the now!! Focus on the present moment and make the best of it.

– Living in the past makes us depressive. Living in the future causes anxiety. Stay in the now, stay calm and enjoy the moment.

As someone wisely said a long time ago, take care of the present and the future will take care of itself.

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