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13. decembar 2022.

And how to meditate

1. Get rid of unrealistic expectations that after 2-3 meditations you will become „enlightened“ and be in perfect balance like Buddha. Everything takes time and practice.

2. Set realistic goals for yourself: meditation works cumulatively anyway. You will feel the results of its soothing effect gradually, as time passes.

3. Find a suitable place to meditate. A place where you feel yourself comfortable.

4. Make sure that no one will disturb you – no television, mobile phones and also be sure that no one will come at that moment and start talking to you or ask various questions.

5. Meditation is not designed to be interrupted. It is designed to last as long as intended.

6. Choose a meditation style that works for you. There are different ways to meditate: conscious breathing, body monitoring, guided meditation… Try what suits you best and then decide on a particular method.

7. Choose a suitable time for meditation: it is best before a meal or 2 hours after a meal. Avoid meditating with a full stomach or after some heavy meals, big celebrations – alcohol consumption, etc.

8. Eyes are closed because it improves focus.

9. Make yourself comfortable but not comfortable enough to fall asleep! The goal of meditation is not to put us to sleep, but to stay awake and consciously aware in a pleasant position.

10. Plan on a daily or weekly basis when you will meditate. Research shows that planning itself significantly increases goal achievement. And so, if your goal is to dedicate yourself to meditation regularly, include it in your program!

11. To further motivate yourself, monitor your mood and energy level: how do you feel on the days you meditate and how do you feel on the days you skipped meditation?

Lot’s of success!

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