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Perfect clutter-free holiday gifts

15. decembar 2022.

In the pre-holiday euphoria, we buy randomly, impulsively, but we also buy a lot; and all in the desire to make our loved ones happy. However, do they need all these things and do they have enough space to store them? If you want to make them happy this year with something different – not necessarily material things, something that will benefit them and that they will use in the coming months, then this text is for you.

Give them a new experience, a good time, pleasant moments:

– Concert, movie or theater tickets

– City tour voucher

– Stand-up comedy tickets

– Bowling tickets

– Voucher for lunch or dinner in a restaurant

– Gift voucher for shopping in one of the shopping centers

– A donation to an organization they support

– Face or body massage, anti-stress massage

– Manicure

– Pedicure

– One day trip

– A day at the spa

– Tickets for the Zoo

Give them membership cards or a subscription:

– Subscription to one of the channels with their favorite series

– Subscription / set of museum tickets

– Subscription / set of tickets for the music season of the Symphony Orchestra

– Fitness center subscription

– Subscription for internet, mobile

– Subscription for psychological counseling

– Subscription in the beauty salon

– Subscription to Yoga, Pilates, relaxation techniques

Give them time as a gift – your own or paid for:

– Take care of their children and give them ‚‚free‚‚ for a couple of hours (or pay a babysitter)

– Help them move, clean, renovate

– Fix something in their house or pay a handyman

– Pay for carwash

– Help them prepare for celebrations, Christmas, birthdays… Or pay for catering

– Pay them a personal or virtual assistant for a month; or help them personally in organizing

– Offer to help them in the company

Classes and learning something new are also a nice gift:

– Cooking lessons

– Cake and candy making – decorating classes

– Foreign language lessons

– Mathematics, physics, chemistry classes

– Computer programming lessons

– Painting lessons

– Photography lessons

– Design classes

– Music lessons

– Swimming lessons

– Martial arts / self-defense course

– Private life coach, business coach, advisor for marketing, development, business

Consumer goods and groceries:

– Pastries, cakes

– Chocolate

– Coffee

– Fruit basket

– Traditional local specialties

– Cheeses

– Olive oil

– Various types of tea

– Wine, liqueurs, drinks

– Dried fruits, nuts, snacks ‚‚to take away‚‚.

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