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The Japanese KAIZEN method – how to overcome laziness

5. februar 2024.

Between the bustling streets of Tokyo and the serene landscapes of Kyoto, a technique was born that has remained deeply rooted in Japanese culture to this day. It is a method that fights against one of the worst enemies – laziness.


This technique is also known as ,,Kaizen: the one-minute Japanese technique for overcoming laziness.,, It uses the philosophy of constant progress (even in small steps) to avoid procrastination and increase productivity; and all this in just 60 seconds.

Essentially, it is about the principle of taking small, gradual steps that lead to a bigger goal. The importance of consistency and gradual progress as opposed to sudden and megalomaniac jumps is emphasized. In the context of combating laziness, this technique encourages individuals to spring into action by committing to just one minute of focused effort.

The process begins by identifying the task or activity that needs to be done: for example, a book that needs to be read, a series of gymnastic exercises or a project that has been unfinished for a long time. Instead of giving in to the wave of laziness and procrastination, we commit ourselves to devote ourselves to that activity for just 60 seconds and thus move forward – towards progress. During this minute, the person focuses completely on the task, leaving aside everything that distracts him, all excuses and topics that distract him. Whether it’s reading a page, doing gymnastics or putting together a few sentences, the key is to take that initial step forward.


What makes Kaizen particularly effective is its ability to bypass the mental barriers associated with laziness. By breaking down a task into smaller, manageable steps, it relieves the enormous pressure often associated with „big“ goals. Moreover, the act of starting instills a feeling of boldness, gives a momentum that makes it easier to maintain the pace after the initial minute.

The philosophy of this method is to cultivate a way of thinking that leads us to constant progress, reinforcing the idea that every small effort leads to long-term success. Every minute invested into productive activity is a small stone that, together with other stones, builds the tower of our goals and personal progress.

In the modern world – a world where concentration and attention are in constant decline (and with them motivation and perseverance), Kaizen offers a simple and powerful remedy for the realization of goals. This technique additionally serves as a reminder that significant change can come from the smallest of actions and that persistence, even in the face of lethargy, is the catalyst for progress.

The next time you feel overwhelmed by laziness and the urge to procrastinate, remember this wise Japanese technique. Take just one minute for Kaizen, get rid of inertia and ignite the flame of productivity. Embrace the power of small steps and achieve your goals with consistent efforts.


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