Discover Potsdam: Germany’s pearl

4. februar 2024.

Welcome to Potsdam, a city that enchants with its rich history, opulent architecture and picturesque landscapes! Located just outside of Berlin, this gem offers an unforgettable experience that will satisfy all the senses. Potsdam, with its fairytale atmosphere, offers something for everyone – from historical sights to beautiful gardens and lakes..


1. Travel through time: world heritage under the protection of UNESCO

Potsdam hosts one of the most important complexes of palaces and parks in Europe – Potsdam Park and Sanssouci Castle. This spectacular complex, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an architectural gem and a cultural treasure. Visit Sanssouci Palace, the summer residence of Frederick the Great and experience the grandeur of Prussian royal life.

2. A walk through the gardens of paradise

Immerse yourself in a paradise oasis by walking through the beautiful gardens of Sanssouci, where art and nature meet. These gardens are ranked among the 10 most beautiful in the world and not without reason: their stepped construction contributes to the impression that flowers and greenery simply flow into each other, leading the observer to the next step full of exotic plants. Enjoy the peaceful landscape, endless vineyards, greenery, fountains, pavilions and sculptures. Here, every step turns into magic, leaving the visitor breathless.


3. The junction of East and West: the Dutch quarter

Potsdam also delights visitors with its unique Dutch Quarter, which is a blend of Eastern and Western influences. Colorful houses, traditional shops and art galleries make this part of the city a special place to explore that provides an unforgettable feeling of an authentic and unique atmosphere.

4. Blue sky mirror: Lake Heiliger See

Experience the peace and tranquility of the Heiliger See lake located within the Potsdam Parks. Here you can enjoy a boat ride, a picnic on the shore or simply relax with a beautiful view of the water. The lake is an ideal environment for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoying the natural beauty.

5. Visit the monument – a marker of the historic meeting between Churchill, Stalin and Truman.

The conference was held from July 17 to August 2, 1945, during which historic negotiations were conducted, after which Germany was demilitarized, the post-war order and territorial changes in Eastern Europe were agreed. A conference after which nothing will be the same.


Potsdam – a place where past and present dance in perfect harmony!

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