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Productivity and how to increase it

22. mart 2024.

We all want to increase productivity – to achieve more, to learn better and faster (both adults and children), to ‚‚shorten‚‚ the path to the goal and all in all, to achieve the greatest possible effect in the shortest possible time.


This topic has been studied a lot around the world and scientists have come to the following results in their research:

*observing workers in a factory and recording their productivity (eg, the number of products a worker makes during a shift), they noticed that each change increased output. They turned up the light – productivity increased. They dimmed the light – productivity also increased. Overall, they found that there is a relationship between change (either for the better or for the worse – meaning better lighting or worse lighting) and productivity.

*another change that also positively affects productivity is the change of decoration in the working or living space. Every novelty we introduce – a new pot with flowers, some nice picture or photo on the table, new accessories – improves the mood and has a positive effect on the performance

*apart from changes, arranged living and working space also plays an important role. In a tidy space where there are not many objects, there will be fewer distractions – so concentration will also be better. Further, we will feel better because we have already successfully completed one ‚‚task‚‚ and that is tidying up and well organizing the space and our personal items, so we will continue with the work tasks in the same (positive) spirit. All in all, it is desirable to get rid of clutter, unnecessary things, old things that collect dust, distract attention, „suffocate“ space and us, and if necessary, introduce a minimalist lifestyle.


*as for the choice of colors – research proves that pastel colors calm us down and, as follows, slow down the rhythm of work. For mental activities and in general for ‚‚lively‚‚ doing work tasks, red (in all shades) and bright green colors proved to be the best. Bright colors do not have to be intensively present – details of lively colors are enough. Black, dark blue, brown and gray should be avoided because they belong to colors that do not contribute to a good mood; and when we are not in a good mood, we will hardly achieve a good performance at work

*positive results are also achieved when the atmosphere before starting work is pleasant; when there is a light introduction and when the task is approached in a relaxed and confident manner

*as for concentration – because it also contributes to productivity, words such as focus, attention and concentration have been proven to have a positive effect on increasing concentration. If we want to focus better, we can simply say ,,attention,, out loud or to ourselves. And then visually direct attention in the desired direction. To attract the attention of a wide audience, you have probably noticed that billboards and public places often use bright yellow and black; this combination is proven to attract attention, however, it is not considered desirable for living space because it acts as an alarm on our system. And the living space should be an oasis for rest and relaxation

*in working with children who have problems with concentration and attention, my colleagues and I try to reduce external stimuli to an absolute minimum. What are external stimuli? These are all factors that distract the child and tempt him to play or engage in something else (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, television, toys, picture books, etc.). It is preferable that the desk is light-colored, without many details, the wall is also white, without posters, pictures, stickers, etc. It is best to have a pencil and an eraser and, of course, an open book or notebook in front of you. And nothing else. If concentration is a problem, try to reduce external factors to a minimum and thus direct the child towards completing tasks.


To summarize – a recipe for better productivity: create a pleasant atmosphere, make the necessary changes (decoration, flowers, decorative items), adjust the lighting, choose pleasant colors, tidy up the clutter, throw out old and unnecessary things and then focus attention by saying words such as attention, concentration or focus and then, simply…

focus on the realization of the goal.

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