The Louvre – an artistic journey through time

2. februar 2024.

Welcome to the Louvre, the jewel of Paris and one of the most prestigious museums in the world! This immense treasury of art is a monumental temple where the works of artistic genius reside. By visiting the Louvre, you immerse yourself in a world where past, present and future come together through aesthetics and history.


1. Mosaic Art: Louvre Pyramid and Palais du Louvre

Your journey begins in front of the Louvre Pyramid, a modern architectural marvel that is the door to a world of art treasures. The Palais du Louvre – the monumental palace that forms the heart of the museum. Explore it!


2. Mona Lisa’s secret: Da Vinci’s masterpiece

Of course, we cannot leave out the most famous lady from the world of art – Mona Lisa. This masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci not only captivates with its mysterious beauty but also with its historical importance. Look into her eyes and feel how she smiles right at you, opening a window into the world of art and the human soul.

3. Top works of Antiquity: Venus de Milo, Greek statues, sculptures

Walk through the corridors dedicated to ancient art and meet Venus de Milo, the beautiful Greek goddess of love and beauty. In this part you will find a large number of Greek statues, bowls, decorative objects and jewelry.


4. Exotic Egyptian room

You will be enchanted by the richness of Egyptian culture in a special Egyptian room where artifacts, mummies and other statues evoke the mystique of ancient Egypt. This part of the museum represents a time machine that takes us back to the time of the pharaohs.

5. Golden Era of French art: French pavilions

The French pavilions of the Louvre depict the golden age of French art; they contain works by great artists such as Delacroix, Ingra and David. Experience the romance and extravagance of this period as you explore the beautiful halls and galleries.

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