On this website you will find topics such as Business coaching, Life coaching, but also short stories, satire, travelogues and exotic recipes. Written by Nataša Ilić – born in Belgrade, lives between Serbia, Greece and Germany. Lover of writing, author of many books and textbooks, traveler, citizen of the world.


Nataša Ilić – Published author, translator, blog writer

Professional Qualifications

2005 – 2021 Published author (promoting my Serbian – Greek dictionary of scientific terminology as well as other books of mine), translator for Serbian, Greek and English language, consulting Greek and Serbian companies.

2001 – 2013: owner of the Translating / Consulting agency in Thessalonica, translating Serbian – Greek, Greek – Serbian, English – Greek, English – Serbian and Russian – Greek, coordinating translation jobs and translators for other foreign languages, court interpreter in Thessalonica Court. Intermediating between Serbian and Greek companies, following the import export procedure, advising Greek companies and providing them on field assistance in order to establish their business here in Serbia. Connecting businessmen with lawyers, accountants and experts of all fields.


2005 – Co writer of a university textbook  entitled Social Politics (together with university professors Dr. Georgios Mardas and Dr Euthimios Valkanos) in Greek language.

2012 – Author of a book „Moj si tip„ (You are my type) in Serbian language. The subject of the book is applied psychology and satirical approach to the human nature with distinction of each type based on individual and unique psycho synthesis.

2013 – Co writer of a book Limitless in English language. The subject of the book is: New Era teachings, positive thinking, influence of thought on matter – based on Quantum Physics new discoveries. Translator of the same book in Serbian language.

2013 – Author of the Serbian – Greek dictionary of scientific terminology with more than 40.000 words and phrases.

2017 – Author of the book „Ovde i sada„ (Here and now) in Serbian language. Modern way of living, internet, fast food, smart phones, a „selfie„ reflection of one girls life and its consequences.

2020 – Author of the book ‚‚Personal Development – Truth and Misconceptions‚‚. The book dispels myths about overnight success and discusses the human mind, cognitive function, perception and habits from a scientific point of view.

2022 – Author of the children’s book „Bumblebee Emperor“ in the Serbian language. The book is written as a song for children and is also a coloring book.

Projects: Translating Greek plan for the Reconstruction of Balkans, many books with different subjects, tourist guides, court and other documents.  Official translator of the President of the Republic of Serbia, Greek and Serbian minsters, military delegations, Serbian and Greek Chamber of Commerce durign their visits / symposiums in Greece.




Qualification and Grade Dates Attended
1. University of Macedonia,



Social politics degree

(Special Education)


2. Institute of professional training „IEK„ Thessalonica, Greece Graphic design degree 2000-2002
3. Aristotle University of Thessalonica Greek language degree (9) 2000

Main subjects of the University studies were: Psychology, Cognitive psychology, Educational psychology, Social psychology, Behavioural therapy, Sociology, Life long learning, Education of adults, Pedagogy, Greek language, Use of hypermedia in education and similar.


Serbian: native

Greek: as a second native language

English: fluent

German: middle level

Russian: basics